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Small YouTuberToday I am delving into the real meaning of ‘small YouTuber,’ which is a more experienced YouTuber like me, who has made mistakes, done some things right… seen slow growth, seen faster growth… giving smaller, more beginner YouTubers my top tips on being a successful YouTuber.

So, these are essentially just 12 different things I would go back in time and tell my beginner-YouTuber-self, knowing now what I know about being a YouTuber and what it actually takes to grow on YouTube. Here are 20 tips for new and beginner YouTubers.

Tip 1

So, my first tip that would be a game-changer to go back in time and tell my beginner-YouTuber self, is to learn what the YouTube algorithm is, how it works, and how to manipulate it. When I first started YouTube, I had no clue what an algorithm even was, let alone the fact that YouTube had one, and how it worked. And it’s in understand the algorithm and how it works, that I was able to make my channel blow up.

So I wish, I wish with every being in me, that I could go back in time, talk to my beginner-YouTuber-self, and tell myself, “Hey, this is how the algorithm works, hey, this is how to manipulate it, and this is how your channel is gonna grow super, super quickly.” So, I definitely urge every single new YouTuber, to research and learn YouTube’s algorithm and learn to manipulate it to take advantage of it and help it to grow your channel faster.

Tip 2

The second tip I feel is absolutely crucial, is to identify your tribe. I feel like it’s every small or beginner YouTuber’s main goal to identify and figure out what type of content they want to make.

They’re much more focused on what content they’re making, whereas they should be much more focused on who they’re making the content for. Once you know who you’re making your videos for, and who your ideal subscriber and your ideal audience are, it is much easier to find people who fit that mold to become your subscribers, and also to find content ideas for that specific audience.

So, rather than asking yourself, what type of content do I want to make? Or what type of videos are people searching for? Try to first figure out who your audience is and who you’re targeting as an audience, and then finding content ideas is much, much easier.

Tip 3

Tip number three, learn the beauty of long-tail SEO. As a small YouTuber with a much smaller audience and much less engagement, It’s very, very difficult to get your videos out there, get attention, get views, and get subscribers. In which case, I think for most small YouTubers, your best chance at growing, is to rank in search.

Trying to rank for short-tail keywords like “get subscribers’ that has way too much competition, is not going to give you a very good chance to ranking in search. Whereas, targeting a more long-tail keyword like “get subscribers on YouTube in 2020,” is much more broken down, much more specific, and has much less competition which gives you a much better chance to rank in search, get more attraction, get more views and more potential subscribers. So I 10/10 recommend that you figure out and learn.

Tip 4

My 4th tip would be to create a safety net. And by this I mean create yourself a list full, full, full of potential video ideas so if ever you’re ready to film, you’re super motivated, you’re ready to get going, but you have no idea what on earth to film, you already have at your disposal this long list full of ideas, that you can just grab and go with.

Tip 5

Tip 5 I have for you is to have an upload schedule. This will ensure that your subscribers always know when to look out for your videos, and will also help you to better organize the rest of your week around your filming, editing, and upload schedule.

small YouTuberIf you know you have a video going up on Wednesday or Saturday… then you know what days you need to be filming, editing, and uploading, and what days you have at your disposal for other things happening in your life. That is one organizational tool I wish I had learned much earlier on in my YouTube channel.

Tip 6

The next tip would be to develop a work-flow. This is the one that changed everything for me. I used to spend hours upon hours filming my videos, and days upon days editing my videos.

Then I developed a work-flow and almost like a filming and editing routine, and I turned my filming from hours into about 20-30 minutes and days upon days of editing into no more than an hour or two of editing.

So, I definitely suggest every YouTuber find their own routine, their own work-flow, because it’s gonna save you so much time, make you so much more productive, and get so much more accomplished.

Tip 7

Tip 7 is to begin every single video with a hook. The first 10 seconds of your video are crucial. If you don’t hook your viewers from the get-go in the first 10 seconds of your video, chances are, they’re not sticking around. if you spend way too long getting to my point at the beginning of your video, chances are, they’re gonna get fed up and leave your video. So, I think learning the art of the hook is super, super important. Audience retention.

Engagement on your videos like likes, comments, comment replies, as well as audience retention meaning how long people are watching your video for, is the #1 thing YouTube is looking at when deciding whether or not to boost your videos.

So, you wanna do absolutely everything in your power to get as much retention as possible and keep your viewers watching for as long as possible. Because the more retention you have, the better your video has its chance of blowing up on YouTube.

Tip 8

Tip 8 is the most common one. It is to study thumbnails. Thumbnails are the most important part of your video’s outward appearance because that is the first thing somebody sees before deciding whether or not to click onto your video.

Small YouTuberSo, if your thumbnail turns them away from the video, you’re not getting a view. If the thumbnails drag them in, chances are you’re gonna get a view. So, what I 10/10 recommend you do, is go onto the recommended page on YouTube.

The first 3 thumbnails that jump out at you, ask yourself, “what about this thumbnail made it jump out to you?” Was it the colors, how bright it was, the very big text that caught your eye? These are all things you want to take notes on, and things you want to maybe attempt on your thumbnails, to see if they help you get a better click-through-rate and more views.

Tip 9

My next tip is a big one, replicate top-performing videos. If you make a video on your channel, meaning lots of views, turns viewers into subscribers, you want to replicate that by making a part two, or making a series, or making a different version of that video.

So that is one more tip to getting a lot more views on your videos. Wanna get those watch hours? Your best friend is longer videos. Because no. Just having a video that’s ten minutes instead of five, does not guarantee that they watch all the way through.

However, having a thirteen-minute video as opposed to a six-minute video just gives them more video to watch, and more potential for more watch time. So, find ways to lengthen your videos, make them longer, add in more information… And just give your viewers more potential videos to watch.

Tip 10

Live streaming is the very best way to grow an audience that engages with you and actually cares about your channel. Because by live streaming, instead of watching a pre-filmed, pre-edited, pre-uploaded video, they get to engage with you live. This is what ensures people actually come back to watch your videos and care about your videos.

Learn the three types of content. Community, shareable and searchable. Community videos are videos you make just because your audience asked for them.

So, videos that you’re not quite sure whether or not they’re gonna get views or not or do very well, but they’re videos you make because your audience wants to see them and you’re pleasing your audience. Now, shareable videos are videos you make with the intent of people sharing them.

Now, searchable videos are the ones you make that you know people are searching for. So, knowing these three types of videos and making these three types of videos are gonna help you get much more views.

Tip 11

Collaborate with other YouTubers. This is a great way to connect with new people, make friends on YouTube, and also get your videos and your channel in front of more people.

So, find other small YouTubers who make the same content as you, that have a similar audience, just hit them up and say something like, “hey just found your channel, love it so much. We seem to have very similar contents, would you ever want to do some sort of a collab?” And that is a great way to get more views and more subscribers to your channel, as well as make new friends.

Tip 12

Read your analytics. Your analytics tell you absolutely everything you need to know about where people are finding your videos, where your views are coming from, your audience retention, meaning how long people are actually watching your video, your drop-off points in your videos… and everything you need to know about how your channel is working, what’s working and what’s not working.

Small YouTuberSo, I highly, highly suggest you actually take the time to read your analytics and understand how your channel’s working, what to do more of, what to do less of and what to improve on.

What is far more important than subscribers or views, are more analytical things like your retention, your engagement… growing a more loyal audience, doing collaborations, and also having fun with your channel.

If you are so focused on your numbers, how fast you’re growing, how slow you’re growing… you lose complete sight of the importance of being a YouTuber, which is having fun and enjoying what you’re doing.

Those are my 12 tips for new and beginner YouTubers. Hopefully, this was helpful to you and gave you one or two new things to think about or focus on.

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